How to have a perfect vacation on your own

by Rona Nushi

1.Choose your favorite place to visit

2. Find a place to sleep on

3. Put all the necessary things on a backpack (not a luggage! And don't forget your favorite book!)

4. Go there with a bus/train

5. Take a walk around on every bus/train change

6. When you get there, try to visit the city by walking, not with tour buses

7. Save at least one day only for nature walking and picnic

8. Read your favorite book siting on grass, eating sandwich and listening to music

9. Draw/paint the nature in front of you, no matter how talent you are, it'll be a great memory from your trip

10. Make friends! Asking to take a picture of you might be a great idea to start a conversation. People who travel a lot always have a kind of bond with each other, no matter where they come from :)

11. Take lots of pics! It's never enough to take pics of new places.12. Make a special diary with your own decorations on each trip you make and write the best memories on every place you go. You can complete it with pictures also, when you get back home 

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