To/from my friend from Kenya

by Rona Nushi


 In the age of electronic mail, I just accepted one of the warmest handwritten letters I have ever had in my hands. A month ago I sent a letter to a friend in Africa, whom I've never met. I wrote her a few encouraging words I thought might help her, but what I got back was even more encouraging. It's wonderful to know how powerful can love be and how rich with love Africa is. I'm also glad that now my friend from Kenya knows a few things for Kosova and she's sure people are so kind and hospitable.
 Here's the letter I wrote her, and in the pictures the letter I got back from her. I'm just so happy words can't tell!! :) 

Dear friend,

  You were brought in this life by love. You were meant to be born and you are meant to be great. You are a woman and you should be blessed. Your body is made of a pure soul, endless strength and absolute goodwill. No one has the right to interrupt your life path, the one that leads you to your greater self, to the woman that the world has been craving to hear about.
 The same star's dust has rained on me, on you and on everyone else on the Earth. We all came to this world on the same way, we're all breathing the same air, living under the same moon and sun. Therefore, the second we were born, we were all at the same level. Then, some evolve and some don't, some aim for more and some just judge, some become leaders in the world and some try to bring them down.
 Don't let the weak ones stay on your way. You have the power to break on through and reach your destination. And if others don't respect you, you respect yourself! If someone says you can't, show them how it's done. Because you, a woman, have been blessed by the love of the Universe, that invisible power that touches everyone, but some choose to ignore it.
 Invest in your brain, as it is the only thing others can't take from you. It's the only weapon against the ignorant ones, the ones that judge. And be prepared for the worst. Time by time they might try to disdain you, because you are a woman. And you, don't you tremble, don't you even think to answer them, because you have evolved and no matter how much you rise your voice, they're so far away that might not even hear you.
 And remember that you are not the first one, nor the last. A lot of people have dared and they have become GREAT! Because, as Dalai Lama says, "To be born at all is a miracle." So, don't lose your chance in life. Dare to be great!

Wishing you the best in life,
your friend from Kosova, Rona Nushi

4 July 2014 20:34
Tirana, Albania

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