The triumph of nature

by Rona Nushi

As the world keeps breathing constantly, I listen to the sounds of my universe. The orbits keep moving its way and they guide my steps. Its power pushes me forward to the places that quench my desires. I discover the world as it keeps breathing. Gravity shows me its power and I happily surrender falling on the ground.  This green sheet covers my soul and plants on me queen flowers. Than it gives me the power to fly on the other side, where the beauty walks slowly and it whispers me to spread my soul. Grey fields of anger get smoothed by the sweet-scent of queen flowers and the air just starts to feel lighter. The green army conquers new spaces and its power marvels the world as it keeps breathing. As I am marveled myself, I let my paws to imprint the ground and infect new souls with this happiness virus. All the wickedness that the world has clocked in evaporates as this virus multiplies its power. Seconds don’t stop their tick-tack and the world doesn't stop its breathing. But now, the world inspires the sweet-scent of those flowers and exhales the wind of our souls.

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