The (sub)conscious on a monologue

by Rona Nushi

-In a lost spot or in a target?
-No. Just stare in the air, feel like you're walking the labyrinth of your soul and tell me what you see. 
-I see a big mess, an ocean and a stone. How do I know where to walk?
-You don't walk. You fly. Your brain walks. Use your heart if you want to fly. Now tell me again what you see.

-I'm trying to fly. The wind - should I go against it?
-Go, if it makes you feel better!
-It does. My wings fly higher now. I don't see the mess anymore and the ocean - it's all around me. Can I try to jump?
-Do it! Really hard.
-The mess - it's back again. I'm feeling fatigue.
-That's good. Stay there as long as you can. When you can't handle it anymore, jump out and fly again.
-I really doubt I can fly again. But I'll try.
-Do it and tell me how you feel.
-The sky turned much prettier now. Did anything change or my eyes just see better? And I feel released, strong, stronger! Gravity - it doesn't exist anymore. Bird? Can I say I feel like a bird?
-I'll tell you later. Now, remember the stone? Try to find it and land there. Walk for a while and tell me what you see.
-I landed and I'm walking through the stone. I arrived at the ocean now. What do I do?
-Walk through the ocean until you find another place to rest.
-It's not working. Can I swim? But, it's impossible to swim that far away, anyways. What does that mean?
-Swimming? That means you're using your brain and heart together. If you want to reach something faster - fly! If you want to enjoy the trip more, swim. Walking is always slower and will never take you somewhere interesting.

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