The dark symphony

by Rona Nushi

Two colors and the shades are making such a panorama tonight. The pale moon fondling one side of buildings and the other side left in dark, but still completing the beauty. The black silhouettes melt one on the other and I can use my imagination to create new figures out of them. Maybe a giant flute out of one building and a harp next to it. It looks perfect with the snowflakes falling down like notes on the Earth sheet. While I'm breathing them in, I breath out a melody. I take out of my head the sound of freedom, which breaks the silence of the night, flies through the giant black instruments and reaches the moon. There it grows and becomes a scream, a sweet and light scream that doesn't pierce your ear, but just wakes you up and infects every child of the moon, the ones she touches and lights up every night. Some of them remain motionless on their comfortable bad, being afraid of the dark, and others, just a few, being hypnotized follow this sound and become explorers of the night. When they become brave enough not to turn back, and see how much variety and originality there is, they realize this is their own universe brought out in life, their imagination which is capable to create a symphony out of a city, a legend out of a story or a hero out of a man.

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