The Big Bang start

by Rona Nushi

It happens to be that all great miracles in life start with a crash, like life itself. We come to this world because two people decide to make a toast to life, an inner crash that creates a small sphere and expands to perfection. This is how universe did expand from an infinitely small sphere to an immeasurable space. We are part of this universe and we hold one within. It's like a symbiotic relationship that creates masterpieces when feeding each other. We all were held in the same house for nine months and we all were on a suspended state till the moment we faced new surroundings. Every little detail of these surroundings affected our thoughts and they started growing on each picture that our eyes captured. The suspended state got vanished on the first second that light touched our body and that's when we started creating our legend. Yet unconscious, but our existence was making a difference. Evolving steps accompany our life and we start deciding how far to set our horizon. This is how far reaches our "dream eye". And consisting to that I know one thing, that blind are only the ones who don't see far for their goals, so they set their horizon as near as they can touch it.So, those who dare to take this trip and make a beautiful life evolution, as we all have the ability to make, will never fail on discovering what they aim to. After all, we were the ones involved in the symbioses, so why not let our beautiful inner be stronger than the surrounding?

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