Panorama de la vie

by Rona Nushi

Haven’t you noticed how time passes, like river flows through the harbor and the same water never touches the same land again? The feeling becomes a memory, just as millions of seconds have passed through our life and became memories itself. Haven't you noticed how people try to hypnotize you, singing sweet words near your ear, trying to convince you move their way? Just like the summer breeze that softly touches your skin, closes your eyes and moves your limbs. This is the beginning of a slow and sweet surrender which you realize when the breeze has ended, but you've caught the cold. I've been taught that life will meet us with a "rainbow of people". There are colors we perfectly match with, colors we just get along or colors that fade our shine. The ones we chose to stay close to are the ones that in a way or another will effect the lighting of our color. Having enough experiences in life and meeting enough people have gained me the talent of knowing immediately who can I get along with and who can I perfectly match with. Usually I've been really generous of giving a lot of my time to people that fade my color while shining theirs. The reason was due to respect, but now it turned to be a good lesson.

This panorama of river and rainbow, this situation of time and people will be enjoyable and meaningful only when we learn how to swim and how to colorize it. Life will be more productive and vitalized when we manage to control time and spend it with people who truly deserve our generosity, who deserve infinite number of our seconds, who deserve our love.

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