Life is mind's little baby. Raise it healthy

by Rona Nushi

" It was already dark outside when I finished work and I couldn't resist but go home walking and enjoy that beautiful night. The city was really inspiring me, with the mighty buildings and their shining lights that looked like they were all pointing in the same thing up in the sky. I was enjoying every second of my walk, seeing tourists full of energy, young couples with the hope reflecting from their eyes and right after them I see a homeless man holding an old and dirty letter in his hands. I got really curious to see what was written on it, and I notice: "Life is mind's little baby. Raise it healthy". In my mind I was trying to create my own explanation for the expression and it really made me think a lot.
 We're almost seven billion species of a kind and we all have different 'life reaps based on our life plants'. We were born clear of history and we started creating one from the very first breath we've made. At the beginning we could not walk on our own, but we kept on stamping paws in life receiving help. This way we kept on going forward, day by day getting stronger, making more steps on our own. Each move we would make and each word me would say reflected on our history.
 There are some kind of people that act improperly without knowing the damage they're causing to themselves. Yes, it's really easy to achieve success all alone, but it's worthless since you'll fail as a friend and that's kind of a big deal. Some little minds lack the reasoning skills and they raise their life improperly. Why would we need an applause inside the room when outside in the real big world we don't receive the smallest respect? This is the typical reap of small minds that achieve something using people and right after that they forget them. They think they've caught the top and nothing can bring them down, but...smash! They kiss the ground... These kind of people are really to feel sorry of.
 And this explains all what the smart man wanted to say. We create our life all based on our acts that come out of our mind. So I think, since in life we have the luxury to choose, then we should forget ego and choose only positive ways instead.
Then I realized how much I've walked, but I felt like going back at that homeless man and thank him for those two short sentences full of a great meaning. I hope many people read and understand them. And most of all I hope many people find the willpower to create a personal history to be proud of!"

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