When I left Laredo

by Rona Nushi

The plane started moving and my heart started racing with it. I was alone when I came here and alone I'm leaving. But, I have a whole great experience getting with me. As the plane was flying in top of Laredo, I was testing myself if I'm ready to say goodbye to that little city that gave me so much. The darkness was getting lighter and shiner with all the lights of the city of Laredo. As the plane started flying, the lights were dissapearing and my host family, friends, rotarians, school, marching band, track and field, horseback riding and so many other things I was leaving behind. Tears started dropping through my face and I was feeling so fulfilled at the end of this barefoot dream. So much in a day, so much in a year, so much in a seventeen years life.
I have chosen not an easy life for myself, so I need to get used of living and leaving, even though saying goodbye is what hurts me the most. But, I realize that life moves on and so do I! Sticking on a past dream may cause me to not live the present and lose my future.
But, I still let myself cry, cry for every moment spent in all the USA, no matter if it was a happy moment or a sad one, since I did what I wanted and I enjoyed it! I even more cry for the people, the ones that opened their heart to me and made me feel great, and for the ones that chose to better keep the love for themselves, but lost so much by not knowing one more person in the world.

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