Just the two of us

by Rona Nushi

"When the sun rays were giving their last shines for that day, seeking through the mountain harbors, you appeared at the gates of my loveland. Never asking twice, I gave you my hand to chase the road that kept on opening by the words we said and breaths we took. The red sky was covering us from evil and the steps we were taking, like fingers that gently play on the piano, started to make a new sonata of our life. It was when the wind was moving my hair like feathers falling on my face when I asked you to stop. The moon had already turned on its light when I turned you on with a soft half smile. I asked to stop walking. We were on that bridge and the water moving under it was all sparkles from the lights of the city. I was enjoying the view when you hugged me from behind. That hug, so tender, would protect me from any world destruction on those moments. Words didn't find a way out nor from me, neither from you. This silence was speaking itself and we were making telepathic conversations through our heads. I could feel what you were thinking, so vivid and spoiled. How could I resist the look of your eyes? Those questionable eyes that took me seconds to fall into, and it's taking me years but I still can't get enough of them. That's why every road of our life crossed in one place, to start this new path, two of us like one.
  "Let's not preach anymore! Guide me where your heartbeats tend to fly" - I didn't break the silence, I just opened the refrain of our sonata, which turned too allegro once we started walking again. But, this time our walking resembled much more to a dance. We left our shades there and with the steps of this dance we reached the land of our wonders, the home of our spirits. Full of breath, to become breathless..."

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