Dylan's worries are our worries

by Rona Nushi


  Dylan was a homo sapiens from planet Earth. He was dropped in this planet twenty-five years ago and lately he's been feeling a little depressed. What concerns his mind and heart are some imaginary lines called borders. Dylan has always been curious on exploring this planet and that wasn't just his dream. It was the right that the Universe gave him.

 Before coming down on Earth he was told of the dangers this world held in. Not a single step could he pass without being vigilant and not a single breath could he take without being concerned. There were different species all around who lived jointly, but grace wasn't their thing. Their recording cameras called eyes would translate weird messages when seeing enviable things. "Me... For me...I should have this...This is made for me!" These kind of messages would then produce terrible acts that Dylan never saw on his previous life back on Saturn and they were called lying, hating or killing. Although he was never able to understand these acts, Dylan knew that this effected him on being almost sessile in one place. The right to pass the so called borders was taken for a few so called states as an act of distrust. But, why should Dylan be effected from this? He wanted to move from a forest to a hill, from an animal jungle to a concrete one. He wanted to get introduced to the planet as one since he was going to pass his whole fifteenth life over there. He desperately understood that he should first ask permission from the so called embassies in order to give him the right to move.

 A few days after he recovered from this affliction, Dylan sent a message to Saturn on which the last words were these:

 "Words arise from their inside, for there is soul and there is mind

 but some tie knots on a throat and some light days on a row.

  Beauty covers their whole land, for there is green and there is gray,

 but some voyage from here to there and some are trapped although innocent."




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