by Rona Nushi

 I am a victim of tenderness, therefore I drown in a confectionery pool. You can fool me with your comfits, until the bitter core shows me the truth. If you leave a bad taste on my mouth, disappointment will be your only gift living in my house.

  My silence does not reflect emptiness, nor does it stay for approval. The missing words might be dancing in my head and getting in shape. Thin arrows always shoot sharper points. You choose to smile or to laugh. It's your choice, your reflection.

  Confusion, fear and doubt name my favorite games. I love walking on a rope not knowing how much it can handle. If I win, I enjoy the altitude. If I lose, I enjoy falling. If I step back, I'm not giving up. I'm waiting for your involvement in the game.

   I am a naive vampire and your sweetness is  the blood I crave. Feed me and I'll melt on your heart. Contour my smile. You can choose to fool me or show me the truth. It's your choice, your reflection.

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