Changing the pigment of life

by Rona Nushi

  Her skin pale as the stars' dust and her hair black as the night's sky tell much of her name, Stella. She's not the girl you'd meet on your way to work or at a local pub. The air she feeds her soul comes mostly out of those hidden neighborhoods that a few people know about, but they hide a treasure to be amazed off! She's been painting her life in all the possible colors, and when the color red was dominating, something knocked the brushes on the ground. Stella's story begins here.
 It was just a gust of a normal autumn morning, but she was staring at those half dried roses for a few minutes now. She felt like one of them, with a few petals holding her beauty, the other petals blown away on another continent, and some thorns paying off her regrets. The garden fences were her limits. Behind those she couldn't walk or run, she couldn't fly. There was only one chance to survive, the one she refused to accept all this time. It was about changing the source of her red pigment. But, that meant on changing the shades of her life or changing the petals that made her a rose. It meant on feeling the agony of those thorns inside her body and becoming a new flower. That was the price she had to pay for lacking the sunlight that flourished her. The price she'd chose not to pay, but a withered rose is not the kind of rose she can be.

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