A little taradiddle

by Rona Nushi

Green pictures, blue ones, 
red also and white,
one was here and one was there, 
each of them looked so great,
here lives liberty you would say,
between their arms if they shake them,
on their fingers if they cross them,
forming puzzles when their bodies nigh,
but, oh Lord, I was so wrong,
when their backs turned one by one,
like dominos in a line,
all the colours faded out,
they turned black, so deep and dark,
bringing shade on a side,
the other half held some light,
feeding hope to their soul,
is it true you would ask,
that this beauty hid so fast?
It's a little taradiddle, 
bitter taste when darker face,
but do they know the fact of grace,
it comes out when face to face,
and when their arms hold each other,
then their colours come out again,
being shiny and kicking black.
R.N. for Anonim Diary

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