A wish in Paris

by Rona Nushi

My dream was cut in the middle when my eyes were lazily opening from the sun rays. It felt like I woke up in another dream seeing this panorama from my window. The unlimited blue sky mixing with the piercing yellowish sun, the royal style buildings with the immortal river living in the middle and of course, people giving sense to this view with their energized smiley faces. In a brief moment I had an impression that time had no sense. Just seeing this view, the fabulous palaces and buildings that held on lifetime stories interlacing with the modern life and now days people made me feel like I'm living all the eras now, like there's no past and present, it's just now!
It was spring time in Paris and I've waited for this day a long time. Work was getting tough everyday and more and a lot of responsibilities were making me exhausted. Unlike the hate that would give me sometimes this city, today I was loving everything about Paris and I had to enjoy every single Sunday moment!
No breakfast, no coffee.. decided to do everything outside next to the people, to the ones that felt so far away, but somehow they made me feel home today. I was lucky to have an apartment for rent at Avenue Marceau, thanks to my work that offered me that. I didn't need to use metro a lot and most of all I had an incredible view from the window, with Arc de Triomphe in front and beautiful old style buildings all around.
Well, I went downstairs, wearing a sportive and comfy outfit, pick a "to go" gingerbread latte and a banana nut loaf at the closest Starbucks in the street. I had no destination, but my heart new what the best destination would be. After I finished breakfast and the morning coffee, sitting in the close by park in Square Brignole Galliera I went were I should have gone weeks ago, months ago..
That underground tunnel was always full of tourists, but luckily the line went fast and it didn't take too long to get out. To get out or to get in, I don't know how to define it, but I was at the Arc de Triomphe, sitting under it and seeing the names of Great People, one by one. I wasn't there as a tourist anymore, I was there to reflect, to recall and to remember. I was there to think of my past and what took me to be there, even though sometimes I would suffer and be homesick, I always knew greater moments will come.
I raised my head up high to take a deep breath with that inspiring sky view, when from the middle of the arc, right where the two columns kiss each other, there was a call from the sky to make a wish. It was still day light to see a meteor falling, but making a wish in Paris didn't require a specific condition. Paris itself was a dreamland, and in a dreamland wishes come true anyways.
So, under the shade of the arc, under the engraved names, I closed my eyes and whispered to the wind: "Take my fears and bring me power. Take my doubts and bring me courage. I'm my own life's tourist, and my own self is the only wall standing before my destination."
Happy as I was, on my way back home I started doing that "butterfly walk" I've learned on my ballet class years ago. Ah, people were looking? Wait...why? So, what? Oh well..

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