Behind the enemy lines

by Rona Nushi

"I'd like to express my extreme point of view

I'm not a Christian and I'm not a Jew

I'm just living out the American dream

And I just realized that nothing

Is what it seems"
And everyday that passes from this American dream, is being more important for me. I don't know if there is a way to remember every single moment of a whole year, but I want this year to be a guide of my life. I'm going through good and bad moments, sometimes depressing, but they're going to serve me for better life.
 The feelings that I had today, were something like a deja vu. In US History's class, the teacher has promised us for a while that he will show to the class the movie for the War in Kosova. And, there it comes the day, that I must be the speaker, the "veteran" of the war, and share my experience. My US History's teacher, one of the best teachers, tried to calm me down telling me that it has already happened, we can't change it! I know that, I understand it and I was strong enough not to cry in front of them, but it was just the feeling of turning back the time again, and living inside my mind those moments of misery. 
I was ready to see the movie when the teacher clicked on play. There was a librarian worker too, that was interested on hearing my story, so I was in front of a pretty good public. 
The movie started. It was about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina wich resembled much to the war we've already passed. I never realized that my heart was racing, until the first gunshot happened and I quite jumped from the chair. I tried to calm again and I was keeping my hands under the desk, so they can't see that I'm braking my fingers from stress. The american pilot in the movie was running and running to escape from the serbians, until he jumped into the massacre's place and pretended like dead. There my teacher stopped the movie, because it was already the end of class, and now was my turn to talk. I turned back nine years ago and I pictured those moments that will never go out of my mind. As I was remembering them, I continued talking and talking. I also showed them pictures of the war, the NEWBORN sign and the Bill Clinton's picture at the entrence of Prishtina. They were very surprised from my story, and I was surprised of my self. I was really feeling proud. Like my teacher said, having Rona in our class to tell her story is like having a man that lived the World War II and escaped Hitler, now telling to us his story. He said, "America helped your country because it was worthy. We are proud of you. You are special Rona." The ma'am from library also said that she feels proud of me. These words melted my soul and I felt much better afterwards. They will always echo on me. I always loved AMERICA, but now I'm in love with it! Thanks to them I am alive and living this incredible dream. 
 And as I walked out of my US History's class, I felt so light, just like dancing. I left a pretty heavy weight behind me and I shared it with my american friends.

You took a piece of my heart, AMERICA, and even if I'm in the other part of world, I'll always be with YOU

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